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BULGARIA: PropTech Mapping Report 2020

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BULGARIA: PropTech Mapping Report 2020 is the 2nd edition initiated and issued by PropTech Bulgaria and PrEXCELerator Bulgaria, following the outstanding results achieved through the 1st edition released in 06/2019. 

For a period of only 3,5 months, the 1st edition of BULGARIA: PropTech Mapping Report 2019 has been downloaded by more than 20 countries. 

Results with the 2nd edition are even more astounding. Only in the 1st month following its official release, the Report has been downloaded by experts from 30 countries. Germany, the UK and Belgium show the highest interest, one reason being that European PropTech companies are exploring other geographical markets for their further expansion. 

For the last 6 weeks of high uncertainty under the corona crisis we have observed this being a steady trend –PropTechs are increasingly looking for ways to expand and go beyond their home market as a way to secure growth post-crisis, so they are preparing now.

Against this context, BULGARIA: PropTech Mapping Report 2020 (2nd ed.) is an invaluable and the one source of information about the Bulgarian PropTech market. 

2020 Mapping Report analyses:

(1) 64 Bulgarian tech solutions along the Construction industry vertical inclusive of Real estate tech, innovative construction materials and building approaches, geospatial, etc.

(2) 30 Smart City solutions.

(3) How Bulgarian PropTech solutions perform along the 35 technologies most widely applied in the Construction industry vertical.

(4) 11 organizations which comprise the ecosystem players that support externally the PropTech development in Bulgaria.

(5) all Bulgarian Construction industry tech solutions (ConTech), urbanization and life- & work-style (Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Home) solutions, and RE Tech solutions (CRE and Residential Tech).

(6) Impact Ventures in PropTech.

(7) Areas of overlap between PropTech and other technology sectors (such as Tourism, Fintech, Govtech, Cleantech, etc.), and the respective Bulgarian tech solutions. 

(8) Statistics and specifics of the traditional Commercial Real Estate industry in Bulgaria. 

Statistics and specifics of the traditional Residential RE sector in Bulgaria are available on request.

(9) How all these PropTech solutions meet international market criteria for high competitiveness, how resilient they are, how innovative their business models are.

(10) Figuring out the free market niches in Bulgaria.

What are the Key Findings?

25 % of the Bulgarian PropTech companies produce a ConTech solution. As a point of comparison, speaking Europe, this percentage outdoes 30 %. 75 % have their complete focus set on a real estate technology solution.

37,5 % of the Bulgarian PropTech companies have their solution covering two or more PropTech areas; typically, however, these prove to be Market & Transaction and Manage & Operate, that is, it goes about real estate technology solutions. By contrast, 33,3 % of the European companies come up with a solution in two or three PropTech areas. However, the best part of them cover Invest & Finance and Design & Build, where it is not unusual that they also have an urban aspect. 

56,25 % of the Bulgarian PropTech companies are boot-strapped, i.e. they have made a start and gain foothold by own funds. Speaking of the remainder 43,75 %, it goes more about external bankrolling provided by industry incumbents rather than VC funding. 

The boot-strapped PropTechs’ percentage in other Europan counries is twice as little compared to their figure in Bulgaria – 30 % which is indicative of far more beacons of external bankrolling opportunities to PropTech on the uptake in the other European countries.

68,75 % of the Bulgarian PropTech companies opt for playing on the home market, i.e. they run their business nowhere but Bulgaria. Along the same parameter, the European companies score none but 18 %

How Bulgarian PropTech solutions score along all 35 technologies most wide spread along the PropTech lifecycle, and much more, read further in BULGARIA: PropTech Mapping Report 2020. 

You can download the Report free of charge from the Report Landing web page here:

BULGARIA: PropTech Mapping Report 2020 is authored and issued by PropTech Bulgaria and PrEXCELerator Bulgaria in Strategic partnership with:

> EU PropTech House – The European Alliance of National PropTech Hubs
> Unissu, UK
> FUTURE PropTech, London

> Pi Labs, London
> NEXTFLOOR Venture Capital Services, Austria
> Ruttensteiner Consulting, Austria.

Strategic Partners in Bulgaria:
> TEZ – Trakia Economic Zone
> BBBA – British-Bulgarian Business Association