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The EOS Group is one of the leading technology-driven financial investors and an expert in the processing of outstanding receivables. The company’s core business is the purchase of unsecured and secured debt portfolios. With over 40 years of experience, EOS offers some 20,000 customers in 26 countries around the world smart services for all their receivables management needs. Its key target sectors are banking, utilities, real estate and e-commerce. EOS employs more than 7,500 people and is part of the Otto Group. We create win-win solutions that make our clients’ cash flow. 

The purchase of NPLs and real estate in need of restructuring make up the core business and a growth area of EOS. In addition to the acquisition of large debt-portfolios in the entire European banking sector on a day-to-day basis, EOS has strategically enhanced its organisation to fit also for the secured sector. During the last couple of years EOS invests actively in secured NPLs, which are a particular burden on banks’ balance sheets as non-performing loans secured by real estate. The EOS Group has successfully executed secured transactions and invested more than EUR 186 Mio. in this segment only for the fiscal 2019/2020 year.

Figures in EUR million, fiscal 2019/2020 year

Investments in real estates                                                                Purchased receivables

EOS in Bulgaria 

EOS operates in Bulgaria for more than 15 years and today it is a preferred partner to leading banks and non-banking financial institutions. So far the company has invested in both secured and unsecured portfolios totalling near EUR 2 billion face value thus giving the opportunity of financial institutions to focus on their core business and increase their liquidity while providing end customers with flexible repayment plans allowing them to regain purchasing power. During the last few years the market of distressed property assets in Bulgaria is rapidly growing thus EOS is actively investing in this field. In 2019 EOS Matrix bought the biggest secured portfolio for the Bulgarian market so far with outstanding balance of EUR 350 Mio. EOS buys real estate in need of restructuring and relieves the previous owners or creditors of the associated risks and costs. EOS upgrades the real estate, develops it to provide viable utilization and rental concepts and sells the properties again afterwards. This is a significant strength that EOS can offer thanks to its longstanding experience, which many property owners do not have themselves. It allows sellers to gain financial leeway for more promising investments.

All this could not be possible without the technology solutions which support our expertise on the market. At a group level EOS invested EUR 25 Mio. in the last financial year to upgrade the core IT systems. Led by the perception that software today is not a final product, but an ongoing process and just in line with its HQ practice, for the last years EOS in Bulgaria constantly invests in developing its in-house receivables management system, practically allowing A to Z management of its own portfolios at every single stage. Regular training of AI models and RPA allows systems to learn independently and optimise internal processes thus generating significant added value. The dedicated property asset module allows full management of own properties allowing easy management of multiple sales options, proposals development and renovation processes. Via its software solutions, the company has managed to ensure that business operations and processes comply with regulations and standards while improving efficiency and accuracy of internal processes. Our employees are more productive by focusing on the key business activities while the reduction of manual tasks led to significant cost savings. 

Additionally, in the begging of this year EOS Matrix launched its new platform for properties sale where its properties are publically available. The diversity of the properties ranges from small family houses in the countryside, through apart-hotels and apartments on the Black sea coast and in mountain resorts to big factories and industrial buildings and land plots. 

The topic

Engaging technology to manage distressed property assets

PropTech-enabled distressed assets management 

  • Who is EOS and what is distressed assets management 
  • In-house developed solution 
  • Connecting dots – RPA in PropTech

Dobrin Mirevski  EMBA

IT Systems Development Manager, EOS Matrix Bulgaria

Dobrin specializes in the field of business development for the last 24 years. Most of his professional expertise he acquired while working for 3 multinationals in diverse industries – active pharmaceutical ingredients, automobile microelectronics and financial services. He’s been managing for them sales and customer service activities to over 25 countries on 5 continents. In the meantime he was also consulting and teaching for Sales and Commercial negotiations.

Since 2012 he is mostly involved in general management, including two international assignments as a Country Managing Director for subsidiaries of EOS Group – Germany. The first of these, in Albania, involved setting up greenfield the presence of the Group in the country. The second one, in Romania, required managing EOS IT Services SRL, an in-house supplier of Software and IT services for 12 countries in EOS Group.

Technologies were always one of Dobrin’s hobbies. Upon his return to Bulgaria in 2015, he turned it into a professional path, deep-diving into business digitalization. In his role of IT Systems Development Manager for his current company, EOS Matrix Bulgaria, he is involved in the development and implementation of innovative digital technologies supporting debt and distressed assets management.   

Dobrin holds an Executive MBA degree from Cotrugli Business School – Zagreb, Croatia, as well as a double degree from UNWE – Sofia, Bulgaria – Master in International Business and Bachelor in Corporate Finance. Additionally, he has graduated with honors from SME training programs of the Dutch Employers Federation (VNO-NCW) and the Mediterranean Institute of Management – Nicosia, Cyprus.

In his free time Dobrin enjoys travel, sailing, skiing and diving.

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