For years, science has told us what we should put in our bodies; only now has interest turned to what we are putting our bodies in. PropTech solutions which measure air quality, water quality are already common in many European countries.
> But which are the Bulgarian tech game-changers? And how large a wave their tech solutions can stir?
> What did Covid-19 change in their market, and how does it impact them?
> What technologies occurred as a responce to Covid-19?
> What is their forecast for the trends to expect in 2021?



Create and embed virtual tours directly on your own site. WeboBook is one of the best virtual touring platforms with immersive virtual reality in the world! Webobook allows yout o install Free API integration EvoVr consists of two parts, EvoVR Virtual Tour Creator and EvoVR Virtual Tour Player. The integration of EvoVR Virtual Tour Creator and EvoVR Virtual Tour Player is done separately. EvoVR Virtual Tour Creator is the tool used to create and edit virtual tours. Integrates in the administrative part of the site, where ads or posts are created or edited. EvoVR Virtual Tour Player is the player that visualizes virtual tours in front of the end user. It must be integrated in the public part of the site, where ads or posts are displayed to end users. The architecture of EvoVR is built so that it can be integrated into any type of site, both in blogs or corporate sites and in large portals with multiple separate accounts.


At appraiser.ai we employ the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help deliver insights and guide decisions for real estate. Our cutting edge automated valuation and recommendations models power unique products that can be employed in mortgage or real estate brokerage.

At appaiser.ai we collect and analyze vast ammounts of heterogenous data related to real estate – from prices and listings to location and demographics data. This allows us to build powerful machine learning pricing models which provide a fast, cheap, and reliable estimate for the price of any single property and present it in an interpretable report. Contact us to learn how you can unlock the power of AI to serve your business.

Georgi Demirev co-founded appraiser.ai in 2018 in order to bring the latest and greatest from AI into the world of real estate. Since then the company has become the leading provider of real estate data and analytics in Bulgaria and is currently looking to expand beyond the country’s borders.

Georgi has a graduate degree in Economic modelling from UPF Barcelona. His academic work was focused on heterogeneous agent models and utilizing reinforcement learning in economic agent-based models.

Before founding appraiser.ai he worked as a Data Science consultant, developing and deploying models for various use cases – from estimating credit risk in large UK Banks to preventing churn in leading International telecoms.


SESAME adds a new layer of proximity-aware services to smartphone users and enables touch-free interactions with businesses, buildings, or places. A wide range of scenarios such as navigating to free space in a parking lot, entering a building, checking in at events, or even picking up an order in the local bakery is reduced to a series of highly-targeted, single-click confirmations on the users’ smartphone just when it is needed. This eliminates unnecessary physical interactions and makes many processes not only safer but also more efficient and manageable.

Anton Sotirov is a Computer Science graduate with nearly a decade of experience in the field of IT development. For the past 5 years he has helped develop a mobile-ticketing company for the public transport. He is now using this knowledge to build digital solutions that reduce customer friction for non-digital businesses.


Imagga Technologies is a pioneer and a global innovator in the image recognition as a service space.

The company is offering its cloud API since 2014 and its on-premise solution since 2015. The technologies behind these products have been in active development since 2012.

Imagga’s image recognition technology fully automates the process of assigning keywords and/or domain-specific categories to visual content.

The solution is horizontally scalable and can handle whatever load of visual content needs to be analyzed and annotated.

Georgi Kadrev

Georgi started computer programming in 1994, at the age of 10, and later on his professional career as a software engineer in 2004. In 2008 he founded the deep-tech company Imagga out of his living room.

The company is now a leader in the area of image recognition A.I. and has been awarded many international awards.

Most recently, at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, he co-founded Kelvin Health Inc. – a thermal imaging AI startup on a journey to make remote disease screening as easy as taking a photo.

Georgi personally has been named one of the “30 under 30” by Forbes Bulgaria for 2013.

Since 2010 Georgi is also teaching Technology Entrepreneurship in Sofia University where he aims to share as much from his own experience and lessons learned as an entrepreneur as possible.


Flat Manager is one of the leading short-term rental management agencies in Eastern Europe. The company operates 200+ properties ranging from individual apartment units to boutique and apart-hotels across 7 regions in Bulgaria and Romania. The company launched an international charter programme in 2020 – a franchise providing software, branding, operational procedures and training and exclusive access to the FlatAway platform for property managers around the world.

Boris Pavlov is the founder and CEO of Flat Manager – one of the leading short-term rental management companies in Eastern Europe. Prior to founding Flat Manager in 2017, Boris worked in finance for the investment banking arm of Societe Generale in Paris, London and New York. Boris holds two Bachelor and two Master’s degrees from US, French and British universities in the fields of finance, economics and law.


Valkrea.House provides integrated Smart Home solutions for the European market. We select, install and configure high quality intelligent systems for the home and the office.  You can trust our expertise to select the right setup for your project – retrofitting in a fully furnished home or integrating smart capability in a building under construction. Together we will design the most convenient solution to answer your needs.

Mitko Tsonev is the founder and business owner of Valkrea.House. Previously he worked in Airbus, first, as a business consultant and, later, as a project manager for process optimisation. His experience includes industrial planning, agile project management, and digital transformation in the two main sites of the airplane manufacturer – Toulouse and Hamburg. Before that he’s a key accounts manager at IBM and digital product owner at PSA Peugeot Citroën. Mitko holds a master degree in Business Management and Innovations from Rennes School of Business and seeks to find the link between the technology and the higher quality of life ever since.


LLV Technology Ltd. is a company that provides B2B software solutions in the field of Property and Facility Management. Our product ProPMS is a web-based building management system that helps property and facility professionals effectively to manage buildings, financial reporting and customer relationships.

Liliya Bojilova is Co-founder and project manager at LLV Technology Ltd.


“Naicoms” Ltd. is a Bulgarian technology company specialized in the development of original telemedicine products and services. We are experts in technology across the IT infrastructure from edge to core and we never forget that technology is only a means to an end. The purpose is our customers to deliver extraordinary experiences to their customers. Naicoms’s mission and long-term goal is to put technology at the service of the community of patients, doctors, hospitals and insurers

  • Naicoms is awarded in the “Social innovation” category of the Fifteenth national contest “Innovative Enterprise of the Year” 2019 and is granted the right to use the “Excellence in Innovation” brand.
  • Naicoms is a finalist in the “Services” category of the Forbes business awards 2020

Ivan Yosifov is serial entrepreneur and visionary who started his first company about 20 years ago. Ivan loves and is a big promoter of new technologies and their application to improve the lives of the people. With a lot of combined technological and sales experience, Ivan participated in the development of many businesses and products


Kelvin Health is an intelligent solution for detection and monitoring of various abnormalities and inflammation processes in different stages and conditions, using AI analysis applied to mobile-based digital thermal imaging.

Combining the expertise of medical and AI professionals, we have developed a system consisting of a thermal IR camera connected to a mobile device or a desktop computer, a unique thermal segmentation algorithm, and a ML (machine learning) based software to analyze the thermal images received. Our approach can be applied to improve the quality of healthcare and its cost efficiency by giving timely, affordable, and non-invasive visibility of the state of certain thermally verifiable conditions in a wide range of target patients.


MClimate is an IoT company that designs and develops affordable and universally compatible smart building automation solutions with a focus on delivering enhanced comfort, security and energy savings while reducing their carbon footprint. We strive for the UN SDGs by accelerating the development of smart, sustainable communities around the world with installations improving energy efficiency in public, commercial and residential buildings in 70+ countries. Our growing portfolio of LoRaWAN based IoT solutions is aimed at helping address some of today’s global challenges such as climate change linked to energy use, reducing energy waste and utility bills by up to 30%.

Violeta Mitsova is an ex-investment banker with 12+ years of M&A and special situations investing experience previously at Lazard, Blackstone and PJT Partners in London, passionate about investing, sustainability and new technologies. Currently responsible for providing scalable IoT energy efficient and innovative solutions to corporate and B2B clients at MClimate as its CCO. It is her strong belief that transforming individual consumption through IoT can be very effective to accelerate positive change across entire cities and regions and brings attractive investment returns: socially, environmentally and economically.



You can see the full AGENDA here, and book our session here.


07/01 | 11:40 – 11:55 a.m. EET [UTC+2, CET+1]


07/10 | 2:00 – 2:15 p.m. EET [UTC+2, CET+1]

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07/01 | 11:00 – 11:40 a.m. EET [UTC+2, CET+1]

Panel Discussion One focuses on Healthy Cities & Healthy Buildings. Here you will meet with the CEO of Valkrea House [Smart Home], CCO of MClimate [Smart Buildings], and CTO of sesame [Smart Mobility]. They will talk about solving Covid-19 issues through Smart City, Smart Building & Smart Home Tech solutions. Which new trends occurred as a consequence from the pandemics? Which are the new challenges? How are these being addressed through new tech solutions?


07/01 | 12:05 – 12:45 a.m. EET [UTC+2, CET+1]

Panel Discussion Two will divert our attention to the application of Digital Health solution to diverse property types:

The schools where our kids study, the hospitals where are relatives work or stay as patients, the offices where we work, the hotels where we would like to have some leisure time, or simply our homes where we have to work, live, rest, play … in these lockdown times.

Naicoms and Kelvin.Health will talk on solving Covid-19 issues which construction and property developers encounter, through Digital Health solutions. What are the current trends? What to expect in the coming year?


07/01 | 13:10 – 13:50 a.m. EET [UTC+2, CET+1]

Panel Discussion Three pays specific attention to solving the health alerts in hospitality. How to provide safer stay to tourists? What can turn to be a must-have in the near future?

How to overcome some of the ‘insurmountable’ obstacles hospitality faces in pandemic times, so that the industry can start recovering?

Here you’ll meet with Flat Manager, Naicoms, and Imagga.


07/01 | 14:15 – 15:10 a.m. EET [UTC+2, CET+1]

In Panel Discussion Four – the final one, we will talk about Healthy Industries: Digitizing Processes in Real Estate and Construction

What has the pandemics changed thus far? Which processes from the value chains of Construction and RE in Bulgaria are already automated, and which ‘process points’ must get automated in the short term? Which Bulgarian tech solutions automate processes in the industry?

The founders of 4 Bulgarian tech companies will discuss their vision on these questions. These are: LLV Technology, appraiser.ai, Webobook, and Epistark. Webobook is our Showcase 2 which you can watch at 2 p.m. EET [12 p.m. UTC, 1 p.m. CET]


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