Recognyte helps banks, investors and owners maximise visibility, value, and efficiency across their real estate, through unmatched AI technology. From data intelligence to portfolio and asset management, we remove uncertainty from the entire real estate life cycle, to achieve higher recoveries, improved NOI and better asset management. Operating across Europe, our expertise and experience is

trusted by the likes of Allianz Bank and Pimco. Our core value proposition revolves around five pillars, namely a complete visibility of assets, actionable intelligence, unmatched due diligence, complete control, and trusted industry expertise. Recognyte currently offers three products for intelligent real estate asset management: DataScout, AssetDynamics and ActiveEstate.


DataScout enables the remediation, enrichment, and analysis of large real estate portfolios for performing Real Estate portfolios as well as for Non-Performing Loans, Real Estate Owned and underwriting. The key capabilities of DataScout are as follows:

  • Using Natural Language Processing, DataScout can collect, reconciliate, remediate, and cleanse granular real estate collateral assets.
  • Real-time automated valuation and liquidity predictions for real estate and collateral portfolios.
  • Automated assessment of asset characteristics, value, and liquidity in real time.
  • Automated identification of target audience to enable quicker and easier sale of properties.
  • Enrichment of data, including location analytics such as socio-economic data points, comparables, POIs (points of interest) and Open-Source Intelligence across real estate websites, land registries and other governmental sources.
  • Analysis on a large scale, using Machine Learning models to predict audience type, liquidity, and AVMs (Automated Valuation Models).


AssetDynamics is Commercial Real Estate (CRE) asset management software built by asset managers for asset managers. The software solves data, analysis, and reporting problems by connecting all data providers such as lawyers, property managers and accountants onto one platform. Maximum transparency and efficiency allow for better understanding of real estate assets, and built-in workflows and forecasting engines guide clients on key tasks which are tracked daily to ensure smooth day-to-day running. The key capabilities of AssetDynamics are as follows:

  • Built-in workflows for operational (property management) and financial management (asset management).
  • Intelligent real time alert system which tracks data and events to focus users on key tasks.
  • Standardised data entry from multiple users on all assets, all on the same platform.
  • Adaptable financial modelling engine to automate forecasting and reporting.


ActiveEstate consolidates multidimensional real estate data across various projects and portfolios, enabling the management of assets via configurable business logic, delivering end user specific workstreams. The key capabilities of ActiveEstate are as follows:

  • Understands and manages the diverse steps, components, and multidimensional data within the life cycle of large portfolios containing assets, as assets interchange within the process from collateral form to monetisation.
  • Simplifies and methodically manages the asset through the journey using custom-made business logic defined by the client.
  • Real-time dynamic management and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting using Business Intelligence tools.
  • Automated built-in notifications detailing the next step in the process and who is responsible for that next step.
  • Fully configuration by a Super User. The user can customise the flow and content of how to manage their real estate portfolio through configuration.
  • Acts as the single source of truth for real estate data, consolidating all data into one system.
  • Supports both buy and sell side of the real estate management process.
  • Acts as a virtual document store.