ProPMS – Professional Property  Management Software

Powered by LLV Technology Ltd. 

LLV Technology Ltd. is a company that provides B2B software solutions in the field of Property and Facility Management.

Our product ProPMS is a web-based building management system that helps property and facility professionals effectively to manage buildings, financial reporting and customer relationships.

ProPMS is built on a modular principle, which allows flexibility in adapting to specific requirements and business models by expanding the system with additional functionality.

ProPMS develops and reflects innovations and trends in property management and technological ones as well.

ProPMS fits in various organizations and models and its functionality has been developed for the specifics of each business model:

  • Residential buildings in condominium mode
  • Residential complexes
  • Holiday complexes
  • Business buildings
  • Rent management
  • Contract management 
  • Building fund management and equipment
  • Other
  • Language versions: Multilingual (BG, EN, RU,… ..)
  • Different currencies: BG, EUR, USD, GBP
  • Administrative panel – for employees
  • Client panel – access for clients
  • Cash panel – specialized module for cashiers
  • Direct connection to various payment systems.
  • Personal solution for each client and business model.

Technical parameters

  • Hardware Servers (Physical and Cloud) located in the data center (Germany)
  • Software: The only software needed is a browser
  • Access to the program: Through a unique URL.
  • Different access rights to information
  • Data backup – every 2 hours
  • Security: SSL (Secure Socket Layer), 2FA
  • Maintenance: Monitoring, analyzing and resolving real time
  • Programming languages and technologies: CSS; HTML; JavaScript; ASP.NET; C #; Python; ASP.NET MVC; LINQ; Jquery; Web APIs; MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL
  • At the protocol level, communication is secured using https (TSL).
  • At the database level, the information is stored in a critical form using one-way encryption.


  • Module: Building fund
  • Module: Equipment
  • Module: Stock availability
  • Module: Property Management
  • Module: Costs
  • Module: Contracts
  • Module: Documents
  • Module: Accounting
  • Module: Tasks / Requests
  • Module: Reservations
  • Module: Finance
  • Module: Balance
  • Module: Customers
  • Module: SMS notification
  • Module: Mailing
  • API integration with payment systems
  • API integration with accounting systems
  • Others – custom modules and functionality are developed at the client request.

CLIENT PANEL – Client accounts are branded and personalized  at the client request.

The possibilities of ProPMS are unlimited!

For additional information:

Liliya Bozhilova / Project Manager /

+ 359 876 18 58 73

+359 898 69 68 82