Sustainnovation in the PropTech sector

Limited to 30 participants

Peter Guendling

In an interactive Sustainnovation worldcafe set up we will apply a backcasting process to generate innovative ideas and a way forward for sustainability in PropTech.

  • Select the most important UN development goals for the PropTech sector
  • Apply a backcasting process to come up with creative ideas for sustainability solutions in PropTech
    • Where to be by 2030? Defining a sustainability vision in the ProbTech sector
    • Where are we? Using the 4 sustainability principles we define a gap analysis.
    • How to get there? Exchanging existing innovations or generating new ideas.
    • What are the first steps? Defining focus areas and discovering low hanging fruits.

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Professional Background

Peter started his professional career at SKF, a global manufacturing and service company, as a Quality engineer and later on as an inhouse trainer for organizational development in Group HR & Sustainability. His experience in sustainability includes various EHS activities, key note speeches and corporate roll outs of sustainability awareness training at SKF and Munich Airport.

Peter started his freelancer career in 2008, he offers training in Sustainawareness, international management, ROI teambuilding, and personal effectiveness.

Sustainability awareness started a curiosity in mindfulness in him, since 2018 Peter offers Search Inside a neuroscience based training on mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Peter’s experience in training is truly global: in more than 22 years he facilitated workshops for over 10.000 participants on all continents of the world and from about 70 different countries.