Online Mortgage Center by Postbank, Bulgaria


The strategy of Postbank is to be top of mind Bank for the clients in Bulgaria, to achieve significant and sustainable growth of new mortgage business and to maintain its leading position as a trendsetter on the Bulgarian mortgage market. Being among the leaders on the mortgage lending market in Bulgaria, key challenge in front of us is constantly to increase our competitiveness by offering a better customer experience, through innovative products and services, new sales channels and digital technologies.

We took up the challenge of implementing an innovative digital project of Online Mortgage Center by Postbank, Bulgaria, which adapts to the customer needs, providing our clients and key partners an innovative and comprehensive digital mortgage lending service.

New, digital, smart, strategic business model in mortgage lending area.

Online Mortgage Center by Postbank, Bulgaria

Better customer experience, through innovative online service and digital technologies. Online Mortgage Center provides to our customers and key partners, an innovative and comprehensive mortgage lending services in digitally advanced solution, offering outstanding service encompassing all the steps from initial consultation for mortgage loan up to the final approval and disbursement of the mortgage loan application.

Online Mortgage Center service features and benefits:

  • Innovative solution – opportunity to receive professional consultation and remote support of the client from initiating application until the final approval stage and disbursement of the loan.
  • During the video consultation for mortgage loan, our clients get a lot more than just a financial product, but elevated form of personalized mortgage service.
  • Improved customer journey and digital experience.

New digital solution and specialized designated online process, including:

  • Offering Video ConsultationĀ  – The clients are able to contact the Online Mortgage Center by booking appointment for online video consultation;
  • Digital calendar for booking an appointment created in Postbank webpage
  • Specialized solution for video consultations – MS Teams / MS Booking Application;
  • In caseĀ  the customer decides to apply, the expert fulfillsĀ  an application in the system while the video consultation is held;
  • Fully digitalized process of loan-preapproval is available;
  • Digital signing via qualified electronic signature;
  • Digital documents exchange;
  • Digitally prepared tailor-made individual offer ;
  • Remote initiation of the process of property market evaluation and assignment to external evaluator;
  • Recording and digital storage of all video consultations;
  • Improve customer experience and elevate the service with other added value services: digital consultation with brokers of real estate properties and virtual tour and 3D

The innovative features, launched in November 2020, provide the mortgage borrowers with intelligent service, which adjusts their financial needs and lifestyle.

With the new development, we improve the total banking experience of the loan borrowers. An innovative and comprehensive mortgage lending services in digital and advanced solution, offering comprehensive service encompassing all the steps from initial consultation for mortgage loan up to final approval of the mortgage loan application. In this way, our customers save time and efforts, because they receive high quality financial services, without leaving their home or office.