Co-founder of PropTech Russia, a national PropTech initiative and tech accelerator, whose mission is to improve the quality of life by improving the built environment. Skilled real estate professional with over 15 years in real estate investment and finance. Co-founder of several technology companies, co-initiator of national initiatives in Europe. Author of the Digital-First Real Estate concept focused on effective information exchange between specialized digital solutions. Collaborating globally to consistently improve the real estate user experience, make a tangible contribution to a more sustainable environment, and enhance human wellbeing.


“Convergence of technologies and what it means for real estate”

Subtopic 1:  “The shift of authority from human to algorithm”

Technology: AI/ML, data-driven decision making patterns processed by computer systems instead of organisation of people. Implication: existing value chains of property owners, managers, consultants will be replaced by a python script

Subtopic 2: “Democratizing investment and ownership”

Technology: DLT, tokenization of real estate allows establishment of a digital asset class backed by a performing property business model. Implication: Higher liquidity and fractionation of ownership, smaller deal size and new ways of funding

PropTech Bulgaria 2020 | The SEE Conference
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