According to Rogers’ (1995) Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) ‘the organisational DOI process is divided into two subprocesses, which are (i) initiation and (ii) implementation. The initiation of an innovation involves identifying an organizational problem that has created a perceived need for innovation, often triggered through a performance gap, where delivered performance has fallen short of expected performance.’

Here comes the PropTech Hackathon event part. As a Property Developer you can present your business case before PropTech startup teams for them to solve. 

‘Implementation of the innovation concerns the decisions, events and actions required to put the innovation into use. Firstly, both the organization and innovation must be capable of iterative redefinition and restructuring so as to best align the tow and solve the required organisational problem. Next, clarity is needed through training and information disseminated to members of the organisation so as to increase understanding of the innovation. Finally, routinisation occurs when the innovation becomes embedded in organisational practice.’

Here comes the Conference event part. You as an employer and Property Developer can take advantage and register your employees, thus rising their PropTech expertise and knowledge. 

When participating in the Hackathon as a Property Developer, you are entitled to present your own business case to be solved by 2 or 3 separate PropTech teams. You are the one to choose which solution suits you best. You have the right to further continue your relations with the respective PropTech team whose solution you like and select. You have also the chance to take advantage of PrEXCELerator Bulgaria – the only PropTech medium in Bulgaria for validation of startup business ideas.   

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Participation in the Hackathon is a closed-door event. Ask as about the participation terms via sending an e-mail to

The Conference is your place and time to get the most updated information on:

  • PropTech funding
  • PropTech technologies, inclusive of Smart Cities, Digital Twins, chatbots, and many others
  • How PropTech can meet the 17 Sustainability Development Goals of UN

The Conference is free to attend. Reserve your place here

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