Georgi Demirev
Co-founder and CEO @ appraiser.ai

Georgi co-founded appraiser.ai in 2018 in order to bring the latest and greatest from AI into the world of real estate. Since then the company has become the leading provider of real estate data and analytics in Bulgaria and is currently looking to expand beyond the country’s borders.

Georgi has a graduate degree in Economic modelling from UPF Barcelona. His academic work was focused on heterogeneous agent models and utilizing reinforcement learning in economic agent-based models.

Before founding appraiser.ai he worked as a Data Science consultant, developing and deploying models for various use cases – from estimating credit risk in large UK Banks to preventing churn in leading International telecoms.

Using Image Recognition AI for more accurate AVMs

The last decade has seen tremendous advances in visual AI – from the Convolutional Neural Networks through GANs to Neural Architecture Search.

The team of appraiser.ai is working to harness the power of this new algorithms in order to provide world class automated real estate valuation models.

In this talk we are going to pull back the curtain to show you where AI vision fits in our workflow. We’ll cover:
– de-duplicating training data based on image data
– feature extraction from images
– using image recognition to find comparables
– using images directly in the valuation model

The talk will be relatively non-technical and accessible to general audiences.

PropTech Bulgaria 2020 | The SEE Conference
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