Why is Austria the best springboard for successful business expansion?

Austria offers many advantages especially for Bulgarian prop-tech companies.

One of the first reasons is the short journey. You can be in Vienna within 90 minutes. This makes you flexible and quick for potential customers. Austria is a historically grown and recognized international hub.

The structural situation offers you a broad potential of possible customers. Starting from real estate sales and investment to energy management for large companies and building management software, in Austria you will find customers of all sizes, from small one-man companies to international companies.

In the Corona crisis, Austria was able to show that it is able to get the economy back on track faster than any other country. This enabled companies from Austria to gain trust. If you have a branch in Austria, you too can benefit from the advance of trust. Due to the international orientation of the Austrian economy, you can set up a branch in Austria at particularly favorable conditions and thus automatically have access to the largest single market in the EU. The entire German-speaking market, with a GDP of around 4,500 billion euros. The advantage is that this market only needs one language, which saves costs in marketing, support, product design and many other areas. All of this makes you more efficient and successful.

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