CSEE NEWS on SLOVAKIA Broadcast by PropTech Bulgaria

Some of the key highlights in June – July 2022 in Slovakia are:

Slovakia’s Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) provides support for the renovation of 30,000 single-family homes by 2026. Renovation in this case means the reduction of the building’s primary energy consumption. If savings of 30 to 60 percent are achieved, a subsidy of € 14,000 will be available; if savings of over 60 percent are achieved, a subsidy of € 19,000 will be granted. This funding measure is primarily concerned with the thermal insulation of the building envelope and the replacement of windows and doors. Prices of doors, windows and thermal insulation materials increased by 15 percent within one year. In 2022, a slowdown in construction material prices is not expected. Applicants should receive the first subsidies at the beginning of 2023. It is questionable whether the amount of the subsidy will be increased or the number of family houses that will be supported by the subsidy will be reduced.

Slovak developer Corwin has announced that its office projects in Bratislava and Ljubljana will soon join the list of LEED Zero Carbon certified carbon neutral buildings of which there are only 8 in existence at the moment. While lowering emissions has been gaining great importance in recent years, full carbon neutrality is only expected to arrive by 2050. Even though Slovakia and Slovenia do not currently possess any carbon-neutral buildings, they could gain four of them more than two decades ahead of EU goals.

That is because Corwin plans to join the carbon-neutral age and create the first LEED Zero Carbon certified office portfolio in the world within the next few years.

Development company Antracit is launching a series of projects in several cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is preparing a mixed-use rental project in Ostrava, an office and apartment project and a rental project in Pilsen. A mixed-use rental project is also being prepared in Žilina and another rental project in an industrial area in Prešov, the company announced. 

Antracit is currently preparing several development projects simultaneously in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Most of them are long-term leases or tailor-made lease projects (BTS, i.e. Built-To-Suit) or build-to-own (BTO, i.e. Built-To-Own).

Austrian real estate group Supernova has added four MAX shopping malls to its portfolio of eleven OBI supermarkets in Slovakia. The transaction, without mentioning the price, was reported by the news website reality.trend.sk. Four MAX shopping malls in the regional cities of Trnava, Trenčín, Nitra and Poprad have been added to the Slovak real estate portfolio of Austrian retail property group Supernova. In addition to the eleven OBI stores that the company has been operating in Slovakia already since 2016.