PropTech Bulgaria has enjoyed the international recognition

PropTech Bulgaria has enjoyed the international recognition of Prof. Juan Manuel Revuelta Pérez – Director of FINNOVA (EU) and the founder and driver of Startup Europe Accelerator & StartUp Europe Awards, in an interview conducted for Capital Weekly obtained from him at his visit in Bulgaria on August 14:

“Another active environment is proptech. We are at work in 22 countries, and Bulgaria turns out to be among the best developed countries in the sphere of such companies. Major reason being, the active representative you have in Bulgaria – the foundation Proptech Bulgaria.”

We are happy with this highest affirmation which we lived up to once that we have worked our way through round-the-clock efforts for over two years and a half now – Bulgaria alongside its PropTech solutions now being given a decent stead on the international map!

PropTech Bulgaria represents Bulgaria in the only supranational European PropTech network – European PropTech Association – PropTech House

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Interview Language: Bulgarian