PropTech Bulgaria organizes the 1st international PropTech Conference in South-East Europe and Bulgaria

The 1st PropTech Conference is co-organized together with the British Embassy in Bulgaria, Science & Innovation Network, as well as Czech & Slovak PropTech Association, PropTech Slovakia, and PropTech Romania 

Construction industry is the largest industry in the world as it contributes 13 % of the global Gross Domestic Product. If we count in real estate and other sectors closely related to construction, its share in global GDP reaches up to 20 %.

However, construction industry and existing buildings also have a significant share in another type of statistics, too. They contribute to 

36 % of global carbon dioxide emissions;

1/6 of air pollution;

30 % world waste.

According to the World Bank the global real estate market is estimated to be USD 217 trillion, and 75 % of it are residential buildings. The annual turnover of real estate transactions reaches immense volumes, e.g. in 2015 it reached up to USD 900 billion.

This trends will gain an enormous speed in the coming years. By 2050 Earth’s population will double, and 70 % of people will leave in cities. At present, the monthly cumulative volume and size of new built areas equals the size of New York city. Currently, 73 % of daily traffic and jams are caused by people who commute to and back from work. Every day 3,5 billion people commute to work and back home. Such massive traffic generates the extreme air pollution. Today 1/3 of all death cases are rooted in air pollution causes. 

Just imagine what will happen in urban areas when Earth’s population is double! 

A sizeable part of these problems’ solution can be found in PropTech – the tech solutions for the construction industry and the real estate sector. 

It is not by any chance that PropTech is one of the five tech sectors which attract most investment in Europe, as recorded by the European Tech Scaleup Report 2018. For a 10 years’ period, 2010 – 2020, г. 11 200 PropTech companies globally have received external funding amounting to USD 92.4 billion. 

Bulgaria stands out with at least 103 PropTech solutions which we @ PropTech Bulgaria, has found out, know well, and analyse in our annual reports BULGARIA: PropTech Mapping Report.

PropTech Romania reports that there are over 100 PropTechs that have their origin in Romania.

PropTech Romania reports that there are over 100 PropTechs that have their origin in Romania. Add Czech Rep. with 50 more PropTech companies and Slovakia with 117 PropTechs. When you sum up the PropTech solutions of all 4 countries, the figure gets impressive!

The figure sums up to more than 370 PropTech solutions in the SEE region which is very close to the 342 PropTech solutions in Germany – one of the world’s PropTech centers.

This is why it is high time to position the region on the European PropTech Map.

This is why PropTech Bulgaria 2020 | The SEE Conference is here!

We never stop asking questions, but at the SEE Conference we will provide answers:

► What are the world trends in the construction industry and real estate? 

► Which technologies are expected to disrupt this industrial sectors? 

► Which are the most outstanding international external funding options currently available for PropTech startup and scaleup companies? 

► How to improve the responsible use of natural resources in such a way that construction and real estate to negate their negative environmental footprint, and even reverse the trend and exert a positive impact?  

► How digital technologies and system thinking can enable innovation in construction and real estate?

“Future is already here. It is simply unevenly distributed’, as William Gibson said in 2003 in The Economist 

What is the PropTech future of SEE countries? What is the PropTech future of Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Rep., and Slovakia? Can we guess based on the signals we have? What are the signals talking now? 

If you ask yourself such questions, then there is a place and time which are yours! 

PropTech Bulgaria 2020 | The SEE Conference on 4-5 November 2020

40+ world PropTech speakers from

15+ coutries; the UK will be presented by exceptional PropTech 

5 countries which co-organize the event : Bulgaria, the UK, the Czech Rep., Slovakia, Romania 

30+ Conference topics

10+ Hot Topic Ateliers on how to access foreign European markets with a peculiar focus on Austria, the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Rep., Slovakia, etc. 

2 construction and real estate innovation workshops guided by the remarkable international trainers Peter Guendling (Germany) and Elvin Box (the UK)

… and more is coming!

All this in only 2 days! 

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PropTech Bulgaria 2020 | The SEE Conference is initiated by PropTech Bulgaria and is co-organized by the British Embassy in Bulgaria, Science & Innovation Network, PropTech Bulgaria, Czech & Slovak PropTech Association, PropTech Slovakia, PropTech Romania, and Bulgarian PropTech companies. 

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